~Your Radiant Voice~

Bring Confidence to your Message and Cultivate Your Creativity!


Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but when you tell people what you do, speak to an audience, teach a class or do videos for your clients you just don’t feel the ease you desire?

Open to the power of your voice, share and present with confidence, and design your content with a sense of ease, creativity and fun!


Imagine Working On Your Business Looked like this…


 You are ready to launch something new, you have complete confidence that you will be able to express YOUR authentic voice in your content, speak concisely and inspiringly about your work, and inspire vitality and resonance in your audience and with your clients because you have opened the connection to your true voice.


As I began putting all the tools that have helped me open creatively over the years together, I realized that feeling like I have full access to my voice - how I speak, how I sing, sharing the important things in my business and my relationships - and unlocking my creative flow went hand in hand.  


I went from scared and blocked to truly delighting in and enjoying my creative process and performing without stress.  I feel so blessed to have done such deep study that is now the fuel for sharing my art and my business!  


It can be incredibly vulnerable to let ourselves be heard, and I am here to use everything I have learned along my path in order to support you on yours!  I have spent lots of time, energy, and money cultivating my creativity and expression, as well as teaching people how to sing and open their voices in private sessions and in workshops over the last several years


I want to help you and your business flourish by shifting your blocks and sharing your most fully expressed voice.


That’s why I created, ‘The Radiant Voice - Bring Confidence to your Message and Cultivate Your Creativity!’ for entrepreneurs who are committed to enjoying their business as a creative process and prize authenticity Find genuine confidence in speaking your message, sharing your business and making your business projects works of art!


Here's what you will get out of the program...


Vocal Coaching:

  • Personal support from me (in the form of private coaching sessions) to help you coaching you to speak more expressively and fully engage your audience!

  • Breathing exercises to support our voices and support our nervous systems when we are “sitting in the fire” and expressing ourselves in front of others!

  • Sound healing practices to open your voice AND energy as well as help you move through issues associated with “performance anxiety” and stress, as well as benefit the nervous system.  

  • Vocal exercises that build the strength and range of your speaking (and singing!) voice and free up the flow of creativity.

  • Reconnect with the childlike delight of singing to root your body into a sense of confidence when using your voice.

Cultivate Your Creativity!:

  • Tools to completely change your approach to beginning a creative project.

  • Access to the “tool kit” I have personally used time after time to open up when you are in that stuck state.

  • All of this in a loving and supportive community to hold you in your journey!


What’s Included?

  • 3 group sessions via video conference (Zoom). All recordings will be available if you can’t make the live classes.

  • Live Q+A each week during our group sessions for one on one attention.

  • 3 private coaching sessions directly with me.

  • Worksheets for creative assignments.

  • Home-play in between classes + sessions to develop your personal practice.

  • Facebook Group to share and ask questions throughout the week.

  • Audio + video recordings of all live classes.

  • BONUS: Super-sweet loving surprise gift mailed to you!


Feel really about expressing yourself and your message!


Learn how to invite your true voice to flourish as though you are courting a lover ~ so much more fun than thinking about how we want to ‘sell’ something!  


The private sessions with me will provide time for me to really hold your hand and help you through your personal blocks and challenges and the group calls will dive into the deep well of wisdom that is available to us through the practice of cultivating creativity and unlocking the energy that wants to come through us.  When we learn in shared community we can be encouraged and inspired by others’ learning and growth!  


Learning these ways to open your voice will forever impact the way you feel about sharing yourself with others, in all kinds of circumstances.  All of these exercises come with the added bonus of directly affecting your nervous system and reducing stress ~ who doesn’t need that?

We can change anything we put our whole hearts into.

This course will be offered for $500 when I officially launch the final version.


I’m doing this pre-launch to grow and perfect the program and receive feedback directly from you~ the first group to do this with me! I’m keeping the group small so I can give you LOTS of personal attention.


Because it’s the beta version ~

I’m offering it at a super-discounted 50% off rate of $250 for those of you who are willing to jump right in!


Register before Monday, January 15th to join us at this special price!



*After the 15th price goes up to $350! (still beta pricing)


Your Radiant Voice officially opens on Tuesday, January 30th and I will book your first private coaching session with me for that week!  Group classes will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm on the following dates:

  • Feb. 6th, 2018

  • Feb. 20th, 2018

  • March 6th 2018


Here again is the link to sign up and pay via paypal!



I am so truly excited to embark on this new adventure with you! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


*Some partial scholarships may be available for those in financial need.


With love,